Wednesday, August 11, 2010


in efforts to get my site,, finally up and running... my blog has moved to :

the beginnings of my site can be found at :

well, alright then. see you over there.

much love,
your friend,
miss bridget brown.

Monday, July 13, 2009


i've been meaning to post my summer playlist... but i've been "busy". busy... right...


01. M. Ward - For Beginners
02. The National - You've Done It Again, Virgina
03. Regina Spektor - Folding Chair
04. Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
05. Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream
06. Phoenix - 1901
07. Felix Da Housecat - Ready 2 Wear
08. Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity Of Huge
09. We Have Band - Oh!
10. Daft Punk - Teachers
11. Kid Cudi - Day 'N Night (Crookers Remix)
12. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
13. Metro Area - Miura
14. Wale ft. Lady Gaga - Chillin'
15. Trick Daddy - This The Shit That I Live
16. Young Jeezy - 24-23
17. Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint Job
18. Ace Hood ft. Ludacris - Born An OG

well, i'm half asleep. nitenite, bonerheads.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


yeah, i haven't updated in awhile. truth is, i won the lottery and have been traveling the world, wining and dining young, foreign men, finishing my novel on global warming, and wrapping up my research on the behavior of koalas.

yeah, that's completely not true, i've just been busy (lazy).

anyways, i come to you from the depths of my uncomfortably
warm apartment to tell you about my new rapper obsession: Dorrough. his new single, Ice Cream Paint Job is, in so many words, my new shit. i am really pulling for this song to be one the summer song of '09. what could be better than a nice waffle cone full of ice cream paint jobs on a hot summer day? i'll tell you: nothing!

despite the fact i hadn't slept and was about to fall asleep on a turntable, i djed last night and my main motivation was to play this song. i think it went over well. i mean, i enjoyed listening to it (... i listen to it a lot). peep it:

i also like the songs Walk The Walk, I Stay A Bay Bay and Halle Berry... you can find those on his Myspace.

so, as you may or may not have noticed, i was just talking about djing. i know what you're thinking... "what!? bridget, you're djing again?? boy-o-boy, have i missed your mad skillz and phat beatz! where can i see you dj now?? my life has been empty without the sweet sound of your record spinning talents!"

well, fret no more, my babies. i'm djing a new weekly with Deejay Abyss @ high five (circus).

it's actually $2 wells and $2 kamikazes... for the record. anyways, we've had a few guest djs the past few weeks including CJ Townsend and Johnny Cashola. it's usually hip hops, but it's always awesome. so, come out. every tuesday. at the old high five/new circus/that bar next to american apparel on fifth 'n high. always free! (are you sold? i'm tired, that's all i got)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


so, it's almost 6am. i planned on making a lil bloggy blog about last weekend and whatnot, but i had a brilliant idea to get pizza after going to the bar 15 minutes before closing to play hoop fever (beat the top score and then beat that top score, for the record). since then me and my heartburn have been fighting off the results of that stupid decision.
in the spirit of foreshadowing, i will soon update about my interesting weekend, DJing again, and give you (whoever the hell you might be) some good tunes to listen to.

until then, me and my measuring cup full of h2o are going to call it a night (morning?). hope all you pot smokers had a good holiday. did you know that 420 was created by a group of high schoolers in caifornia who would meet up when detention was over after school at 4:20 to smoke the reefers back in 1971? well, now you do.

later boners.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


i've been staying up late since high school, which was back in the dark ages, but last night i zonked out at like 11pm. i slept like a baby. it was amazing. i woke up early, and despite having jack shit to to, i'm feeling good.

so, here's to you real world people with real world schedules. i think you guys are on to something.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


okay, i've been sitting on a few things to 'blog about', so this might be a long ride. so, pack up on slim jims and root beer, 'cause you might be here for awhile. and by you, i mean the poor soul actually reading this garbage.

first things first. and why i haven't updated in awhile. shit has sucked as a general whole the past few weeks, months, years... whatever you wanna call it. for example, the other day i walked to the store in the rain, only to spend the very last of my money (quarters, nickles, dimes) on a pack of cigarettes i didn't even want because the kind i do smoke were out of stock, despite being in stock that morning. take that, multiply it by 100, put a pile of dog shit on it, set it on fire, run it over with a ford F150 and then point and laugh at it and you have my life. it's simple math, really.

all i'm going to say about the shitstorm that is my life is that my childhood dog died this week. he was a good dog, loved everyone, looked like a fat, giant, walking potato. he was old, but it still breaks my heart. anyone who has ever lost a pet knows what i mean. that funny looking, yet undoubtedly adorable mut was like family. so, here's to you nicky! i hope you're up in doggie heaven chasing cats and eating all the beggin' strips your potato stomach can contain.

moving on....

earlier tonight someone knocked on my door. as i looked through the peep hole i saw a drunk dude plowing through some food in the hallway. i said, "who's there?" he replied, "just the man". i just ignored him. about an hour later, he is passed out, snoring, in my hallway. i've had my headphones on ever since. i think he was waiting for my neighbors to get home. needless to say, i would rather put my headphones on and ignore him than deal with whatever drunken bullshit mess he's involved in.

anyways, i've been slacking on my picture uploads. i just updated my flickr...

sets include the final so what wednesday, two tuesdays @ hi5 (oh, i'm sorry, the "circus"), cam'ron show, dublin peeps at the grumpy troll, or as i like to call it, the squatting gnome, and like three pictures from illogic's release party 'cause i got there too late. hey, it happens.

the final so what was a blast, but i'm sad to see go. i've been a supporter of the night for majority of the 2.5 year duration of it. i remember how it started out, times it was packed, times when it was chill. it was always fun, it had a good run. i guess all good things must come to an end. everything daymon was involved with was a hit when he was alive, and even after his passing, this night dedicated to him was always a good time no matter what. hell, it was even in spin magazine! RIP daymon. RIP so what wednesdays.

killa cam.

so, we went to see cam'ron, of dipset fame, at club karma the other night. so there's pictures of that too on my flickr. mostly of just him and a gazillion other dudes crowding the stage. i mean, where were all the ladies at? ah, whatever. anyways, it was fun. from what i remember... i had been drinking. we got in for free and i lost my camera for a few days, so all in all a good time.

and in closing, i leave you three songs i've been enjoying lately. thus, enjoy!

i can't embed the song, but hear it here: i don't know by lisa hannigan.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


i heard this song a few days ago, and i probably listened to it on repeat a good 15 times. you know, to make sure i memorized all the words so i co
uld sing it at volume 11 while delivering pizzas in my car. it's a good song to sing along to. seriously. i also like this song because the second line is, "we were reared in a cave". you don't raise children, you rear them. at least that's what my 7th grade english teacher told me. i'm sure that crazy bitch had a degree and knew what she was talking about. it must be true. in a way, this song sounds like something weezer should be making these days, if rivers cuomo didn't have a giant dick in his ass. if i ever see that dude, i'm going to backhand him with an issue of pinkerton and yell, "THIS IS ONE OF TWO THINGS YOU EVER DID RIGHT IN YOUR LIFE, FACE IT!" anyways, check it out:

this is another goodie i've been enjoying lately. i knew nothing about them until i just conducted a business meeting with wikipedia just now, and as it turns out, they're from dayton! and apparently patrick carney (of black keys fame) was the one that passed their demo into
the right hands. it IS a small world after all. thanks, disney. anyways, i can totally see this song being used in some indie film where two lovers are separated by perhaps distance, a misunderstanding, anything unfortunate, really. then this song comes on and it's a montage of their happy memories as they both look out at the rain through their windows, or drive in the rain, or walk in the rain. whatever it is, rain is involved. (hell, maybe even a john cusack on a pay phone in the rain... it's possible, it's happened before) it's a pretty song. i like it. give it a listen:

in other news, i went to so what wednesdays last night and took some photographs. (shocking, i know) it was a good time. i spent my last $11 on shots for me, manwell and mike. i ended up coming home and passing out in my clothes... only to wake up at 9am to look under my covers and say to myself, 'why am i still in my clothes?' apparently, before passing out, i took my belt off and threw it on the bathroom floor. so, i guess i tried. i almost got my ass into pajamas. i just forgot the pajama part.

as interesting as that story was (plenty more where that came from), i must leave all of you people not reading this and go get my weekend started with, once again, the clusterfuck that is ladies 80's. you know, ladies 80's is actually a pretty uplifting experience. you can leave, go home, tuck yourself in bed and sleep well because you know at least two drunk souls met each other in that sea of american apparel and sweat and are now having slippy sloppy sex they may or may not regret in the morning. it's true. just last week i read a missed connection of this very occurrence. the guy never called the poor girl... but honestly, what did she expect? you meet your true love on the internet, not at ladies 80's. let's get serious here.

over and out, bitches.