Thursday, March 12, 2009


i heard this song a few days ago, and i probably listened to it on repeat a good 15 times. you know, to make sure i memorized all the words so i co
uld sing it at volume 11 while delivering pizzas in my car. it's a good song to sing along to. seriously. i also like this song because the second line is, "we were reared in a cave". you don't raise children, you rear them. at least that's what my 7th grade english teacher told me. i'm sure that crazy bitch had a degree and knew what she was talking about. it must be true. in a way, this song sounds like something weezer should be making these days, if rivers cuomo didn't have a giant dick in his ass. if i ever see that dude, i'm going to backhand him with an issue of pinkerton and yell, "THIS IS ONE OF TWO THINGS YOU EVER DID RIGHT IN YOUR LIFE, FACE IT!" anyways, check it out:

this is another goodie i've been enjoying lately. i knew nothing about them until i just conducted a business meeting with wikipedia just now, and as it turns out, they're from dayton! and apparently patrick carney (of black keys fame) was the one that passed their demo into
the right hands. it IS a small world after all. thanks, disney. anyways, i can totally see this song being used in some indie film where two lovers are separated by perhaps distance, a misunderstanding, anything unfortunate, really. then this song comes on and it's a montage of their happy memories as they both look out at the rain through their windows, or drive in the rain, or walk in the rain. whatever it is, rain is involved. (hell, maybe even a john cusack on a pay phone in the rain... it's possible, it's happened before) it's a pretty song. i like it. give it a listen:

in other news, i went to so what wednesdays last night and took some photographs. (shocking, i know) it was a good time. i spent my last $11 on shots for me, manwell and mike. i ended up coming home and passing out in my clothes... only to wake up at 9am to look under my covers and say to myself, 'why am i still in my clothes?' apparently, before passing out, i took my belt off and threw it on the bathroom floor. so, i guess i tried. i almost got my ass into pajamas. i just forgot the pajama part.

as interesting as that story was (plenty more where that came from), i must leave all of you people not reading this and go get my weekend started with, once again, the clusterfuck that is ladies 80's. you know, ladies 80's is actually a pretty uplifting experience. you can leave, go home, tuck yourself in bed and sleep well because you know at least two drunk souls met each other in that sea of american apparel and sweat and are now having slippy sloppy sex they may or may not regret in the morning. it's true. just last week i read a missed connection of this very occurrence. the guy never called the poor girl... but honestly, what did she expect? you meet your true love on the internet, not at ladies 80's. let's get serious here.

over and out, bitches.

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