Thursday, March 5, 2009


WAR CHILD - HEROES is a really cool concept for a benefit album, aiming to help out kids affected by war.

what's so interesting about this album is not only is it some great current artists covering some pretty important classics, but these current artists were hand picked to cover these specific songs by legends such as bowie, dylan, the boss... just to name a few.

i first heard about this on sirius radio (sirius xm u). they've had tv on the radio covering bowie's heroes and hot chip covering joy division's transmission on pretty heavy rotation lately. every time i've heard hot chip's song on sirius, however, i hear the sound of a windows mouse click, randomly throughout the song. it really bothered me. it didn't make any sense... i thought, there's no way it's in this track on purpose.

naturally, i had a little chat with google, and listened to the same track on stereogum. i didn't hear it at all. now i'm just confused... can i just not hear it over the struggling fan on my powerbook? can i only hear it in my car? does sirius xm u just have a jank ass version? am i hearing things? am i going crazy?

i'm sure i'm going crazy, but i don't think i'm to the 'hearing things' part of being crazy. give it a few years.

anyways, in the event anyone is reading this, check out the war child album. i haven't heard the whole thing, but the track listing is pretty solid.

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