Sunday, March 8, 2009


i recently got a new camera. a nikon d90. in technical terms, d90 means a fancy shmancy digital camera that takes some getting used to when you're an old fart and used to the methods of the olden days when people used "film" and "dark rooms" and "developed" photographs instead of waiting or them to upload via a USB port.

i took my camera out the past three nights, to ladies 80s at skully's, skeletonwitch at ravari, and canibus at, once again, skullys, to test out the new gadget. i was mostly playing around with the "night" feature on it. i'm not sure if i like it, it's a little too blurry for me. it's got kinda a cool look to it. i'm not sold on it though, friends, not completely sold.

so, friday night ravari room was blessed by the gods with the presence of a few lil angels named skeletonwitch, early man, and red fang. i missed red fang, but i'm sure they would have blown my brain balls right out of my eye balls. despite my short ass being in the back of the room for early man, they rocked it. good show, A+. i was up front for skeletonwitch, and if i hadn't been conveniently perched on the bar counter, i probably would have received some injuries from the eager to push anything in their bubble crowd. and can you blame them? certainly not. all in all, it was a great show. that's my review. if you weren't there, well, then, i guess you aren't as smart as you thought you were.

last night (saturday) was the canibus show at skully's. there was a $10 cover, which i wasn't about to pay, but luckily kate came through and got me a free ticket. i still have no idea how she swung that, but honestly, who cares. free shit is free shit (another deep thought brought to you by bridget brown). i went down there after work, had some drinks with my peoples, and took pictures of the canibus set. the crowd was pumped, the energy was good. i was just holding on for dear life on the side of the stage. one dude on stage kept getting in the way of my camera though. he even hit it once, and didn't even apologize. in the words of stephanie tanner, how rude. i met canibus after the show and he wrote down his email address on an illogic cd release party flyer (friday march 27th, w/ bottom brick, j rawls, middlechild, and pos2 - you should go) (like how smoothly i put that in there?) to get the pitures i took. so, that's pretty cool. and THEN i did something super awesome and crazy and wild... i went home, ate pizza and played halo 3.

i got called into work earlier tonight and ended up taking 22 deliveries in about 4 hours. not one was late! you know why that is? because i'm the man. and by man, i mean i'm a woman, but i'm generally awesome at most things i do.

for the rest of the photos from ladies 80s, skeletonwitch, and canibus (and many other photos), please direct you and your mouse to: bridget's flickr hut.

thank you and goodnight!

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