Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i woke up today with a cold. or the flu. or, i don't know. whatever it is, i feel like shit, okay? i called off work and made a terribly painful journey to CVS to stock up on fluids and medicine. while sitting in the 'cold remedy' aisle indian style, i searched for my drug of choice. i decided on a day and night time liquid elixir. it was on sale. that and the last time i took those pills with the liquid inside them, i puked blue all over one of the dublin scioto high school bathrooms.

for the past hour or so i've been laying in bed. overwhelmed with how comfortable i was, somehow freezing, sweating, and shaking while every inch of my body managed to ache all at once. then i remembered how much i hated liquid medicine when i was little. i used to pace around for hours trying to get the nerve to finally get it over with and swallow the stupid shit. so i thought, well, why am i okay with it now? ohhh yeah, that's right. because i pay $4.00 at the bar to drink the same exact tasting shit these days. except now, it just makes me do and say incredibly dumb things, and i don't really feel all the great the next morning.

i've been putting off taking my medicine, because i generally don't like to take medicine, but now that i have the realization that it will probably taste like a busted ass washington apple, i'll probably take it sooner rather than later.

okay bye.

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