Wednesday, June 10, 2009


yeah, i haven't updated in awhile. truth is, i won the lottery and have been traveling the world, wining and dining young, foreign men, finishing my novel on global warming, and wrapping up my research on the behavior of koalas.

yeah, that's completely not true, i've just been busy (lazy).

anyways, i come to you from the depths of my uncomfortably
warm apartment to tell you about my new rapper obsession: Dorrough. his new single, Ice Cream Paint Job is, in so many words, my new shit. i am really pulling for this song to be one the summer song of '09. what could be better than a nice waffle cone full of ice cream paint jobs on a hot summer day? i'll tell you: nothing!

despite the fact i hadn't slept and was about to fall asleep on a turntable, i djed last night and my main motivation was to play this song. i think it went over well. i mean, i enjoyed listening to it (... i listen to it a lot). peep it:

i also like the songs Walk The Walk, I Stay A Bay Bay and Halle Berry... you can find those on his Myspace.

so, as you may or may not have noticed, i was just talking about djing. i know what you're thinking... "what!? bridget, you're djing again?? boy-o-boy, have i missed your mad skillz and phat beatz! where can i see you dj now?? my life has been empty without the sweet sound of your record spinning talents!"

well, fret no more, my babies. i'm djing a new weekly with Deejay Abyss @ high five (circus).

it's actually $2 wells and $2 kamikazes... for the record. anyways, we've had a few guest djs the past few weeks including CJ Townsend and Johnny Cashola. it's usually hip hops, but it's always awesome. so, come out. every tuesday. at the old high five/new circus/that bar next to american apparel on fifth 'n high. always free! (are you sold? i'm tired, that's all i got)

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  1. you know i will be there most tuesdays.

    and could i please read/review your thesis statement on the behavior of koalas? thanks.